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In a lot of Yoga asanas or postures, we can feel like we are limited within our bodies. This is the moment in the practice when we begin to grow and deepen the asana, letting go of our limits and experiencing enhancement. So, always take the frustration out of this moment and practice gratitude for the experience and insight. The goal within the practice is to find the edge of the posture and to be there for a moment.  Within this edge, the strength and flexibility is increased. There is a fine line between finding the edge of the posture and injuring yourself.  Finding the edge is a space in which you feel that your body is at it’s limit within protective confines.  So, in other words, you feel safe and steady but you feel as if you are stretching and/or strengthening. If you feel unsteady or unsafe immediately come out of the pose and set yourself up properly to try again.  Never push beyond your bodies limits as this is when injury occurs.  Private Yoga Classes on Maui can help you gain a better awareness with where the body should be in space in relationship to the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. In Private Yoga Classes on Maui, the alignment, benefits and contraindications are highlighted and broken down to the desired practice. 

Every limit is a beginning as well as an ending. ~ George Eliot

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Yoga Teacher Maui Meghan Franklin