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Maui Private Yoga Classes

Indulge in a Private Yoga Session tailored to your exact needs. This can be an individual session or a group session.  A Private Session can be 60 minutes or 90 minutes.  These sessions are based on what the student/s booking desire.  Some students come to Private sessions to get comfortable with the practice before joining group classes.  Some students come to Private sessions in order to learn the postures in depth.  Some students come to Private sessions to have exactly what they need to practice presented to them.  These are just some examples of why students book Private sessions.  We welcome everyone.  We also book Private sessions as wedding parties, bachelorette sessions, birthdays and group outings.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has extensive health benefits ranging from calming the central nervous system to strengthening bones and muscles. The Yoga practice is a multi faceted practice in which the entire being is enhanced. Private instruction can help you better understand the mechanics of the pose and the benefits of each posture without the pressure of a class setting.

Private Yoga on Maui

Practice makes perfect.

Private instruction can also help integrate you into a class or group setting. It can help you develop your own routine for your home practice or to set goals for a future practice. Or, it can simply help you get back into your body and begin to work on flexibility and strength and peace of mind. Each private session is followed by a question and answer consultation to help define the lesson.

Maui Private Yoga Session Rates

Groups of 1-3:
One Hour Private :  $85 per Session

Ninety Minute Private :  $125 per Session

Groups of 4-10:
One Hour Private :  $125 per Session

Ninety Minute Private  :  $165 per Session

Groups of 10 plus:
Please inquire.

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Private Maui Yoga