Strength from Within ~ Core Stability

Moving from our center is essential for a supported spine and disc support. When we don’t move, sit, or stand from our center, unnecessary tension is placed on our vertabrael discs. This can cause chronic back pain and limited motion ability. Some students may have pre-existing disc challenges which make performing classic sit-ups impossible. Plank pose or, Vasisthasana is a great way to build your core. This asana can be done while supported by the bottom leg.

If this modification is necessary then simply come from a table top position with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. From table top you will lean into your right arm with it being strong. You will keep your right knee on the ground and lift your left hip on top of your right hip and then extend your left leg lengthening out through the heel while also reaching your left arm to the sky squaring your shoulders so that your left shoulder is stacked on top of your right shoulder, and your right shoulder is stacked above your right wrist. If your wrist is not able to support you, you are able to do this asana on your forearm with your forearm along the ground and your elbow positioned under your shoulder.

For the classic pose simply come from a table top position and slide your right leg under your left while strengthening and lengthening both legs. At the same time reach your left arm up and stack your left shoulder on top of your right shoulder. Be sure to keep the hips lifted and level in this full variation. You want to keep one long line through the body. Breathe into the asana of Vasisthasana and begin to feel your center and core fire! You want to keep the heels extended and the legs strong to support the joints of the knee, hip, and ankle. You want to keep the collar bones lengthening and the chest open. Hug the navel back to the spine and build your core!

Building Core Strength from a Classic Pose ~ Vasisthasana.