20 Minute Yoga for Hips, Legs and Core

My Maui Yoga invites you to flow into a sequence designed to open the hips, strengthen the core, arms, and legs. While we move about our day sometimes life creeps up on us and we get lost in what we are doing.  Take 20 minutes to freshen the whole being while targeting those areas that get tense throughout the day such as the hips, legs and core.  This sequence was designed with all levels in mind however, it can be modified if you are new to the practice.   You are welcome to take any of the Yoga postures in the video and practice them a little longer.  When we practice Yoga at least once a day, even if it is just one pose, we enhance our entire being. We move the lymphatic fluid and blood around increasing our circulation which also brings more oxygen to all of our tissues.  Yoga calms down the central nervous system allowing us to think more clearly. Developing and strengthening our muscles enables us to protect our organs better and to also prevent injuries and brittle bones.  Remaining active is key to feeling better in our bodies.  Please follow the cues carefully.  The right side is always activated or compressed first as to follow the motion of digestion.  For example, you start the standing poses with your right leg forward first and you start the twisting poses by compressing the right side first.  This is because the colon ascends on the right, transverses across the top, and descends on the left.  We always want to follow this pattern as to not disrupt the flow of digestion.  This video was filmed on the West side of Maui in Kapalua. Please make sure that when you practice, you are comfortable.  Most people prefer a mat and/or a towel.  You may also use a folded towel as a prop to create more cushion where you need it.  Enjoy your practice!  Enliven from within.