Virabhadrasana Eka (Warrior One) ~ Strengthen to Endure

Virabhadrasana Eka, also knows as Warrior One is an asana that anatomically brings strength to the legs and core, a lengthening to the spine and and an openness to the hips and chest. Along with the physical attributes of the posture you will also see a development in concentration and rootedness. Practicing this asana will also improve circulation of the blood and lymph. The physiological benefits of Virabhadrasana Eka are profound. This asana enhances the parasympathetic nervous system creating a feeling of peacefulness. The openness of the upper chest helps to build self confidence. When holding the asana stamina is built.

Begin with your feet hips width apart. Step back with your left leg and place the outer edge of your left foot at a 30-45 degree angle. Be sure to sharpen into the outer edge of the foot as this ensures that you are using the muscles of the foot instead of collapsing into the ankle joint. Keep the back leg strong and long by lifting the back quadricep up as the hamstrings extend. Step back 1 – 3 feet dependent upon your flexibility and balance. Bend the right, front leg at a 90 degree angle or less. Please do not bed the knee past 90 degrees otherwise, the joint of the knee may become compromised. Energize the front foot from the heel to the ball of the foot forward. Lift the front five toes to ensure that you are energizing from the musculature of the foot. Now press through both feet energetically as you strengthen both quadriceps.

Lengthen the tailbone down without tucking it as you extend through the top of your head, creating a nice, long spine. Be sure to pull the chin in slightly to avoid collapsing into the cervical spine. Roll the shoulders down the back and away from the ears. Continue to draw the navel back and up so that you are initiating the balance of the asana from your core. Lengthen the arms and reach out from the underneath of the wrists.

Keep your breath steady. Soften the face. Enjoy the asana.

‘To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life.’ ~ Chogyam Trungpa